Saturday, June 6, 2009

VoiceTread - Unlimited Possibilities

VoiceThread has unlimited potential as a technology tool for facilitating social learning in the classroom. The capability for recording comments with Voice Thread would capture the interest and engage my students while they work cooperatively in creating artifacts. I invite you to check out my latest VoiceThread, Reaching and Engaging All Learners. Feel frre to add comments, it's really quite fun. In this VoiceThread, I take an indepth look at infusuing Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and digital Technology into a thrid grade science unit.

1 comment:

  1. I hear exactly what you are saying. From January to March we spend the majority of our core instruction towards the state exam. Then April and May are hectic with district testing. For the last few years I have barely opened my social studies or science books. But what is the answer? We are told to teach and fill in the gaps of everything our students are lacking before a certain date. At least you are able to participate in a production such as this. My administration would look at this as “fluff.” However, it is students engaging in social learning and working together toward a common goal.